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God and the diary!

I changed all my plans around yesterday. I’d had a 2pm meeting, 45 miles away. The local school wanted me to come to their 4-7 year olds nativity play. I told them I couldn’t (it was at 2pm). Then so many teachers asked me independantly, I felt it was important,

so I phoned the 2pm commitment, and we changed it to 11am… so I could leave at 12.30, chase back here in time for the 2pm nativity. Marvellous.

Afterwards (it was lovely, by the way! aah!!), a lad I know started chatting to me, kept me a few minutes more than I’d planned to stay… hmm…running late to get errands done…never mind…haven’t seen him for a while, lovely lad, give him some time and attention.

As I left, I just so happened to be exactly at the right place on the path to see a ‘mum’ I haven’t seen for ages and have been concerned about. Perfect timing, and I was able to spend some time having a chat with her, which we both valued.

Is this about God’s order? My plans got completely swapped about, my errands were delayed… but, strangely, I was in exactly the right place at the right time… for a person I didn’t know I’d see… little miracles of God’s ordering that happen all the time, if we can but notice them…

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