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Jubilee Beacons

Here’s my Diamond Jubilee Beacon photo! I loved being part of something for the Jubilee – standing on a hill with about 200 people singing the Royal Anthem whilst the Beacon was lit, a link in a chain of light.
I’m not usually much of a Royalist, but Bless Queenie – she has served loyally in the role she was put into to, and has done her best for us and to represent us positively.
Looking at history, we get away lightly with our royalty these days, and this weekend has made me feel very proud of Queenie.
I’ve also been really pleased to see an outpouring of community spirit that’s been shown in Britiain – how wonderful to see people getting to know neighbours, sharing together, celebrating…
God Bless Queenie! God Bless Britain! (…please God…)

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“I am what I am”… and Pentecost…

I’ve quoted the famous song before… ‘I am what I am’… I’ve just been thinking about Pentecost (planning ahead!)…

Pentecost is a reminder for Christians to ‘be what they are’… we know we’re called as God’s people to be these enlivened, God-filled, God-minded, God-sighted, brave, disciples, with the same Spirit in us which raised Jesus from the dead… and yet so much of the time we wander around a if we were really purposeless members of a Sunday social club with no way to affect the real world at all…

What?!!! don’t we know who we are?

We’re like Fairytale characters or Disney characters in those famous plots where the Princess doesn’t know she’s a princess, or like Harry Potter who lives under the stairs oppressed, having no idea who he is. Thing is, they were those same beautiful/powerful people the whole time, they just didn’t realise, and therefore didn’t do anything about it.

In the same way, the church seems to have absolutely NO idea who we are… if we had a clue, we’d be making such a massive positive difference in our homes, communities, country, world… hey, even our churches would be transformed if we actually realised we were spirit-filled children of God…

this could change the world… if only we realised who we are and got on with being who God made us…

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The Lord’s My Shepherd…

This week in Church, the bible readings are Psalm 23 and John 10, about God being our Shepherd, and Jesus saying he is our Good Shepherd.
I’ve been reading what Rabbi Harold Kushner says about Psalm 23 (well, he wrote a whole book about it!) and his writing is thought provoking. What particularly struck me is his thoughts around how the Psalm isn’t saying, ‘nothing bad will happen to us because we love God’, but that even when bad things happen, we won’t fear because God is with us.
Walking in the valley of the shadow is a common experience for many of us. Whether it’s the shadow of death, as for the Psalmist, or the shadow of long term pain, the shadow of depression, the shadow of other difficult times… the hope God offers is that ‘Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (or whatever your valley of shadow is), I shall fear no evil for thou art with me…”
That’s the hope – that’s the certainty for those who know God – bad times will come, valleys of shadow will be part of our lives, but if we understand what it means to have God as our Good Shepherd, to know that God walks with us in the valley of the shadow… it can be transformed… even if it isn’t a place of endless light itself, eventually, with God, we know and we trust that we will come to the light again…

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sea of blue (-bells)

I finally got my essay done and went off in search of bluebells….

                                                102_4941.jpgblog sized bluebells
‘ah, heaven you are, pretty little bells, heralding Spring, beauty and all that is good in the world… bring your delicate beauty and fill our lungs with your breath…’

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God, grow in us – your life in us, transforming our potential beyond our imaginings.

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big hope in little crocuses

There have been some tough things going on… and I keep repeating these words to myself: ‘the crocuses are coming up’. Why?! (have I finally lost it?!!)


I planted 2 lots of crocuses in the lawn in the last 2 winters, and they’ve bravely come up despite the various levels of cold or wind.


I realise that I am seeing the beauty of them now because I put in the work in Winter, on cold days with hard earth.

That makes me think that now, in this relatively tough time, I need to find ways to metaphorically ‘plant crocus bulbs’ so that this time, whatever the good moments and difficult ones, will be not just about that, but also will be a time when I laid down things in the ‘cold hard winter’, that in time bring beauty and hope.


 So this time will be a planting time for good things, not only a time of coping with tough things.

That’s my ‘big hope in little crocuses’ :0)

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Hello world!

This is my very first attempt at blogging… I usually only write stuff that no-one else sees!!

It’s an experiment…to see how brave I can get with sharing things into the ether… I don’t know if anyone is there…

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