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I crashed my car today. Morally, it wasn’t my fault (someone else’s driving led to my having to slam on brakes whilst travelling downhill on a wet road); legally – apparently entirely my fault.

So being advised they’d most likely write my car off (it’s old but well cared for), I’ve been talking to insurance companies, then cancelling their input, visiting the garage, waiting for quotes, and had to change my plans to travel long-distance today.

I have a friend who believes ‘everything happens for a reason’ and when our lives are submitted to God, she says every little detail is ordered. She’d say that today’s accident may have been an Angel saving me from a worse accident on the long-distance journey I would otherwise have taken.

I’m not sure what i think on that. Was it just unfortunate, a mistake (costly to me! – money that could have found better use for God surely?  (I’m still awaiting the quote….aagh!) and I’m in some pain). Or was it a providential saving from something worse?

Was it an accident or a rescue?

 what do you think?…  

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Augustine’s advice

trust the past to the mercy of God,

the present to his love,

the future to his providence.

 St. Augustine

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Courage is the first of all human quantities because it is the quality which guarantees all others                                                                       –  Winston Churchill

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.      – Mark Twain

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.      – John Wayne

I found these quotes today in a friend’s email. Just what I needed.

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God and the diary!

I changed all my plans around yesterday. I’d had a 2pm meeting, 45 miles away. The local school wanted me to come to their 4-7 year olds nativity play. I told them I couldn’t (it was at 2pm). Then so many teachers asked me independantly, I felt it was important,

so I phoned the 2pm commitment, and we changed it to 11am… so I could leave at 12.30, chase back here in time for the 2pm nativity. Marvellous.

Afterwards (it was lovely, by the way! aah!!), a lad I know started chatting to me, kept me a few minutes more than I’d planned to stay… hmm…running late to get errands done…never mind…haven’t seen him for a while, lovely lad, give him some time and attention.

As I left, I just so happened to be exactly at the right place on the path to see a ‘mum’ I haven’t seen for ages and have been concerned about. Perfect timing, and I was able to spend some time having a chat with her, which we both valued.

Is this about God’s order? My plans got completely swapped about, my errands were delayed… but, strangely, I was in exactly the right place at the right time… for a person I didn’t know I’d see… little miracles of God’s ordering that happen all the time, if we can but notice them…

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