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doughnut miracle

If you’ve ever travelled on the London Underground (‘tube’) you’ll know there’s an unwritten, unbreakable rule that one does not, under any circumstances, smile or acknowledge other passengers.                      

 You may offer another passenger your seat, or help with luggage, but not strike up conversations or smile at strangers. It’s just how it is.

 As I am generally just on the tube for the day (i.e. not a regular commuter), I often play a game to push this rule to the limits – I give a smile to another passenger and see what happens (usually nothing – btw, it’s a polite, British ‘acknowledging’ smile, you understand, not a huge grin!).

Imagine my joy yesterday then, when on the Central Line I glanced along the row of seated passengers and saw a young woman looking guiltily at a sugary doughnut she was holding. In a moment of miracle, we ‘caught each others eyes’ and both laughed! She took her first bite and looked back to me again, and we laughed again.

So that was my doughnut miracle… little moments of human connection and shared joy…even on the tube!

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new life in old twigs

i literally jumped for joy when i saw that the tree outside my window was starting to leaf and showing tiny signs of blossom!

i love this time of the year when things are ‘coming alive’ or ‘waking’ again. it’s wonderful… and nature’s parable re-enacted: that the cold barren days, the waiting in darkness, the dry brittle twigs weren’t really signs of all-is-lost, but of things waiting for their time (their ‘kairos’).

this is the kind of thing i meant before (over easter) when i wrote about death and resurrection – the experiences in the ‘here and now’ which feel like endings and loss, the cold/lonely/barren times that feel like wasted time, that are sometimes actually just the gateway to something new. not always what we expected, or what we think we’d want, but somehow blessings of new life.  

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with thanks to people I don’t know, who used to live in my house, and had the kindness to plant bulbs in the garden that I now enjoy…

what a nice legacy they left  :0)

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snow control

bird table in snow, 6th april       snow laden branches


Yesterday’s weather was forecast: ‘light showers, grey’. Yesterday was sunny until mid-afternoon. Then it was a bit grey, but no rain.

Today was forecast ‘snow’. Hmm. I took no notice. Imagine my surprise this morning!

I woke up my house guest and made her get up and look out of the window, just so I could see the look of surprise on her face!


                                     Snow reminds us of how little we are in control. 

                                Despite our various efforts to predict, decide, choose,

                         something as delicate, temporary, vulnerable as tiny snowflakes

                                      can stop traffic, make me put on an extra coat

                                              make adults give up work for the day

                    and play in the garden, building snow-people and throwing snowballs.

                                              Oh, the power of little snow flakes.


I’m glad the weather reports are sometimes wrong, sometimes right.

It reminds us of our place in the world.

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blessed horribleness

I had to go to a horrible meeting this morning.

I got brave. (ready for this bravery?!)

I sent some texts and an email to friends who i know that if i asked, will pray – not the sort who only talk about it – people who will actually pray.

as i went in to the meeting, i felt so supported. and realised that although it was hard for me to ask (i hate to need to….), i realised too that this is what it’s all about – communion of saints, fellowship, support, family, body of Christ – look at it how you will – but it made all the difference today.

and the rest of the day – which could have been a bleak attempt at recovery – was almost overwhelming supportiveness of calls and texts and care.

how much i’d have missed if i’d stuck to my ‘i must be okay’, self-sufficient little ways.

perhaps i’m growing!

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I had a nice surprise in my garden yesterday! Here my photo!!

 largeframefor-blog.jpg okay. I’ll stop cheating! I cropped it to share….

 woodycroppedlowres.jpghaving the Green Woodpecker in the garden was lovely – she stayed for ages! she must have liked something in the grass as she was quite busy!

playing with the photos made me think about how much i can miss when i only see from a distance – for me, it made me think about taking the trouble to look, expecting to ‘see’ beauty and good in the world, and also about to think that sometimes all I can do is trust there’s something there when i can’t see it for myself…  I’ll stop thinking now!!

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