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snow control

bird table in snow, 6th april       snow laden branches


Yesterday’s weather was forecast: ‘light showers, grey’. Yesterday was sunny until mid-afternoon. Then it was a bit grey, but no rain.

Today was forecast ‘snow’. Hmm. I took no notice. Imagine my surprise this morning!

I woke up my house guest and made her get up and look out of the window, just so I could see the look of surprise on her face!


                                     Snow reminds us of how little we are in control. 

                                Despite our various efforts to predict, decide, choose,

                         something as delicate, temporary, vulnerable as tiny snowflakes

                                      can stop traffic, make me put on an extra coat

                                              make adults give up work for the day

                    and play in the garden, building snow-people and throwing snowballs.

                                              Oh, the power of little snow flakes.


I’m glad the weather reports are sometimes wrong, sometimes right.

It reminds us of our place in the world.

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