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Peace and Faith

I saw a film the other day, ‘The Imam and The Pastor’ (more details on the page, ‘a peace initiative on film’). It’s only 40 minutes long, but it really struck at the heart of some of my cynicism.

I love talk of peace, but I find it hard to apply it to reality sometimes, what with the TV blasting pictures of current wars and strife, shootings and stabbings, at me all the time (yes, yes, I just switch it off after a bit!). I find Quaker protests for peace challenging and inspiring, but find it hard to connect with the idea that peace in the world is actually possible. A case of ‘if I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here!’

For me, Pacifism is an ideal that I love, but just can’t see how it could work in a macro way with the world we’re in right now…and sadly, despite believing in pacifism, I turned out not to be a true pacifist when someone I love was under threat… (not that I was strong enough to do damage!) 

This film reminded me in a profound way that peace starts where I am, where we are, and that that witness can be powerful and can make a difference.  

 These guys were literally killing each other’s families, yet found a call from each their own faiths to find a way to forgive. It’s very challenging stuff.

Time to re-read those Quaker calls for peace again… and prepare for the community screening of this film in January…

(there are screening dates on the web site:  http://www.fltfilms.org.uk/imam.html

 the real deal - ‘The Imam and The Pastor’ visiting London photo of ‘The Imam and The Pastor’ visiting London for the London Premier of the documentary film about them and their peace initiatives.

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