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pansies with attitude!

these pansies have some serious attitude… if you can’t quite see what I mean, squint as you look at the photo! should I feel safe with these in the garden?!!

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smell the roses…

Generally, in every day life, I’m pretty darned good at ‘smelling the roses’ – I notice little beauties of life and even literally stop to smell the roses when I’m walking through a neighbourhood and plants overhang the pavement/walkway.

What i’m being reminded of just recently is that I need to do that in my whole life too.

I have things i want to happen in my life – and i get impatient. I try not to ‘go on’ to God, but I kind of end up being just a tad repetitive in my requests (sorry God!).

What’s so easy to miss though, is the love and blessedness in my life now.

To be looking forward impatiently to a future i dream of, and miss the fact that my life right now (though not untouched by pains) is actually blessed beyond my imaginings. In fact, I’m ridiculously over-blessed.

For my future hopes, I have felt God tell me so many times, ‘It’s all in hand’, yet I find it so hard to ‘leave it there’ and get on with today.



rose in my garden - lean in and breathe in - you may just smell it!

I want to be better at ‘smelling the roses’ in my friendships, enjoy and savour every moment of joy that comes my way, to abandon myself to God in the ‘now’, to learn the lessons God is teaching me directly and through my amazing, beautiful friendships right now.

I mustn’t waste the lessons of now, or miss the fun of now, by only waiting impatiently for hoped-for future joys.


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of all the lovely things in the garden, I confess I have quite a soft spot for some of the alleged weeds…


Eleanor Blakely Dickinson’s poem, ‘Forget me not’ ends with these words:

….Like thoughts of home in climes afar;
Like evening’s still returning star;
Like tears which fall when the heart is sad,
Almost as sweet as that heart were glad;
Like friendship found where we sought it not;
In bower and garden, in field and grot,
Spring thy fair flowers, Forget me not.


It’s not an original thought to wonder who decides which things are weeds, and who decides what ‘the right place’ for them to grow is anyway… maybe something beautiful always finds itself in the right place?


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with thanks to people I don’t know, who used to live in my house, and had the kindness to plant bulbs in the garden that I now enjoy…

what a nice legacy they left  :0)

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snow control

bird table in snow, 6th april       snow laden branches


Yesterday’s weather was forecast: ‘light showers, grey’. Yesterday was sunny until mid-afternoon. Then it was a bit grey, but no rain.

Today was forecast ‘snow’. Hmm. I took no notice. Imagine my surprise this morning!

I woke up my house guest and made her get up and look out of the window, just so I could see the look of surprise on her face!


                                     Snow reminds us of how little we are in control. 

                                Despite our various efforts to predict, decide, choose,

                         something as delicate, temporary, vulnerable as tiny snowflakes

                                      can stop traffic, make me put on an extra coat

                                              make adults give up work for the day

                    and play in the garden, building snow-people and throwing snowballs.

                                              Oh, the power of little snow flakes.


I’m glad the weather reports are sometimes wrong, sometimes right.

It reminds us of our place in the world.

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big hope in little crocuses

There have been some tough things going on… and I keep repeating these words to myself: ‘the crocuses are coming up’. Why?! (have I finally lost it?!!)


I planted 2 lots of crocuses in the lawn in the last 2 winters, and they’ve bravely come up despite the various levels of cold or wind.


I realise that I am seeing the beauty of them now because I put in the work in Winter, on cold days with hard earth.

That makes me think that now, in this relatively tough time, I need to find ways to metaphorically ‘plant crocus bulbs’ so that this time, whatever the good moments and difficult ones, will be not just about that, but also will be a time when I laid down things in the ‘cold hard winter’, that in time bring beauty and hope.


 So this time will be a planting time for good things, not only a time of coping with tough things.

That’s my ‘big hope in little crocuses’ :0)

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