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the winner takes it all

The temptation to react to other people can be so strong.

I am most myself when I decide to be who I am, regardless of how other people decide to be.

so when someone is mean to me, unkind, tells lies, I still decide to be who I am.

So I responded calmly. 

I do not raise my voice when they shout and wave their arms around. It’s not my way.

I challenged the lie. I state that I found a particular thing unkind.

But I don’t ‘get even’.

or maybe I do? because maybe getting even, or even winning, is not letting that person control who I am, how I behave, or who I become.

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smell the roses…

Generally, in every day life, I’m pretty darned good at ‘smelling the roses’ – I notice little beauties of life and even literally stop to smell the roses when I’m walking through a neighbourhood and plants overhang the pavement/walkway.

What i’m being reminded of just recently is that I need to do that in my whole life too.

I have things i want to happen in my life – and i get impatient. I try not to ‘go on’ to God, but I kind of end up being just a tad repetitive in my requests (sorry God!).

What’s so easy to miss though, is the love and blessedness in my life now.

To be looking forward impatiently to a future i dream of, and miss the fact that my life right now (though not untouched by pains) is actually blessed beyond my imaginings. In fact, I’m ridiculously over-blessed.

For my future hopes, I have felt God tell me so many times, ‘It’s all in hand’, yet I find it so hard to ‘leave it there’ and get on with today.



rose in my garden - lean in and breathe in - you may just smell it!

I want to be better at ‘smelling the roses’ in my friendships, enjoy and savour every moment of joy that comes my way, to abandon myself to God in the ‘now’, to learn the lessons God is teaching me directly and through my amazing, beautiful friendships right now.

I mustn’t waste the lessons of now, or miss the fun of now, by only waiting impatiently for hoped-for future joys.


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blessed horribleness

I had to go to a horrible meeting this morning.

I got brave. (ready for this bravery?!)

I sent some texts and an email to friends who i know that if i asked, will pray – not the sort who only talk about it – people who will actually pray.

as i went in to the meeting, i felt so supported. and realised that although it was hard for me to ask (i hate to need to….), i realised too that this is what it’s all about – communion of saints, fellowship, support, family, body of Christ – look at it how you will – but it made all the difference today.

and the rest of the day – which could have been a bleak attempt at recovery – was almost overwhelming supportiveness of calls and texts and care.

how much i’d have missed if i’d stuck to my ‘i must be okay’, self-sufficient little ways.

perhaps i’m growing!

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enough said?


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the naked soul of God

 A poem by William Stidger:

                           I saw God bare his soul one day

                           where all the earth might see

                           the stark and naked soul of him

                           on lonely Calvary.  

There was a crimson sky of blood

and overhead a storm;

when lightning slit the clouds 

and light engulfed his form. 

                           Beyond the storm a rainbow lent

                           a light to every clod

                           for on that cross mine eyes beheld

                           the naked soul of God.   

…a comment adapted from Tim Zingale’s Good Friday sermon, part 2, on suite 101.com:

….From the naked soul of God comes the greatest act of love humankind has ever experienced. For the power of God was shown not in glory, or power, or fame, or strength, or prosperity, or security, or wealth, or success, but in the bare soul of God hung on a cross that endured the pain, the brokenness, the humility, the reality of this world.

(areas changed in italics)

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blue fish?

Amena Brown, poet

found these really cool video clips (and bought several!).

If you have 2 minutes 32 seconds to spare, have a squiz at this: 


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