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“I am what I am”… and Pentecost…

I’ve quoted the famous song before… ‘I am what I am’… I’ve just been thinking about Pentecost (planning ahead!)…

Pentecost is a reminder for Christians to ‘be what they are’… we know we’re called as God’s people to be these enlivened, God-filled, God-minded, God-sighted, brave, disciples, with the same Spirit in us which raised Jesus from the dead… and yet so much of the time we wander around a if we were really purposeless members of a Sunday social club with no way to affect the real world at all…

What?!!! don’t we know who we are?

We’re like Fairytale characters or Disney characters in those famous plots where the Princess doesn’t know she’s a princess, or like Harry Potter who lives under the stairs oppressed, having no idea who he is. Thing is, they were those same beautiful/powerful people the whole time, they just didn’t realise, and therefore didn’t do anything about it.

In the same way, the church seems to have absolutely NO idea who we are… if we had a clue, we’d be making such a massive positive difference in our homes, communities, country, world… hey, even our churches would be transformed if we actually realised we were spirit-filled children of God…

this could change the world… if only we realised who we are and got on with being who God made us…

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