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uniqueness – pebbles on the shore

                              salt water pebbles

I was at the beach last Saturday morning – lovely walk. As always, I noticed some particularly special pebbles as I walked at the sea edge.

I always have to fight the temptation to collect pebbles and shells – I find so much beauty in them and enjoy to notice something special in them – the patterns, how the light falls on them, their shapes, colours…

I was thinking too – how if you look from a distance they’re just ‘pebbles’ – non-descript perhaps, uniform, nothing special. it’s the looking up close, and when they’re at their best – glistening with sea water and sunlight – that they begin to look extraordinary…

…I think that’s true for people too – maybe from a distance anyone can look ordinary, nothing special – but when we get a bit closer, take the trouble to get to know them, see them in their best moments as well as their worst, that we start to understand what’s special about them. We stop seeing ‘just pebbles’ or ‘just people’, and recognise the worth of each, and let them touch our lives with their uniqueness.

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