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Resurrection question

resurrection – do we want it?

it’s only possible after death.

do i want to have to let things go, even experience grief, in order to somehow experience new life, risen-ness?

am I too attached to the order of things to let go enough, to let a new life come?  

am I really prepared to live through a ‘Lent-time’ or even a ‘crucifixion-time’ in my life, to make room for ‘resurrection’?

March 25, 2008 - Posted by | Easter, Lent, Life, Resurrection, timing


  1. well, either way, we’ll figure out how life is supposed to work after we die. since death ends our “mortal” life, it will be like a “rebirth” of our minds and hearts. maybe after death we see how resurrection is worth it.

    Comment by wearingstuff | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. ah, interesting. thanks for your comment, ‘wearing stuff’. you’re right – some things we just won’t know in this life…

    I wonder though, if the whole cycle of death-resurrection is one that happens throughout mortal life too – the history of the people of God (Old and New Testaments of the Christian bible) is full of accounts of people having to let go of who they thought they were to become who God was calling them to be – and those ‘giving-ups’ were like griefs themselves.
    Just try closing a church building these days to see how hard it is to get people to let go of something they know of old, in order for something else new to happen… I wonder if ‘death-resurrection’ is God’s way of things throughout – with numerous examples in nature.

    thanks for sharing :0)

    Comment by wanderinginwonder | March 25, 2008 | Reply

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