wandering in wonder

sharing, on a pilgrims journey

the naked soul of God

 A poem by William Stidger:

                           I saw God bare his soul one day

                           where all the earth might see

                           the stark and naked soul of him

                           on lonely Calvary.  

There was a crimson sky of blood

and overhead a storm;

when lightning slit the clouds 

and light engulfed his form. 

                           Beyond the storm a rainbow lent

                           a light to every clod

                           for on that cross mine eyes beheld

                           the naked soul of God.   

…a comment adapted from Tim Zingale’s Good Friday sermon, part 2, on suite 101.com:

….From the naked soul of God comes the greatest act of love humankind has ever experienced. For the power of God was shown not in glory, or power, or fame, or strength, or prosperity, or security, or wealth, or success, but in the bare soul of God hung on a cross that endured the pain, the brokenness, the humility, the reality of this world.

(areas changed in italics)

March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Challenge, courage, Lent, Rescue, tough times

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