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what gives life?

I’ve been thinking more about the ‘lively leap’ of our spirits as we recognise God (see yesterdays post).

there is so much that speaks of God and calls us to life, ‘lively leaping’ life of joy, and I wonder if we get distracted and ‘tune out’, or, if we’ve not yet recognised God, are so generally distracted that we miss out altogether. do we end up in drudge?

I feel a call to be re-mindful of the joy of finding God and actively seek the times and spaces which enable me to connect or ‘tune in’ to God… to get better at deliberately, actively seeking out the things that give me life, that root and ground me, that connect me to God… a few seconds silence, music I love, dancing about (make sure no-one’s watching!), sitting with a lit candle, being attentive to the beauty of the world…  

‘I came that you might have life, life in all abundance…’ (Jesus, in John 10 verse 10, Bible)…with spirits that have a lively leap…!

December 12, 2007 - Posted by | Joy, Life

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