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“leap up with lively joy”

Thomas Merton, looking at Advent sermons by Guerric of Igny, talks about the ‘quickening’ of foetus John-the-Baptist in Elizabeths womb when she met with Mary (herself pregnant with Jesus).

He sees that ‘quickening’ as something we can (should? do?) experience – he calls it “..a renewal in us of this shock of recognition…that ‘click’ that takes place in the human heart when we realise the Saviour is come and is seeking us…” and suggests that, “our spirits should leap up wtih lively joy to rise up and meet our Saviour…”

What d’ya reckon then? ready to have your spirit ‘leap up with lively joy’?!

I love this idea, the quickening of the spirit, internal recognition that is beyond the intellect and is about ‘knowing’ on a different sphere.

I’ve been blessed enough to meet people with whom I’ve had that ‘click’ and sense of my spirit ‘leaping up with lively joy’, and it’s amazing.  I’m guessing you know what I mean!

I guess those things are like a ‘pre-cursor’ of what we can experience if we’re open to God. Here’s to some lively leaping of spirits!  


December 11, 2007 - Posted by | Advent, Joy, Thomas Merton

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