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Advent – ‘are we there yet?’

I’ve been thinking this Advent how bad we are (I am!) at enjoying where we’re at – Advent is something in itself – not just ‘how many days is it til’ Christmas now?’.

I think perhaps we miss out when we view one stage as only a necessary ‘hoop to jump through’ to get to the next stage.

I’ve been wondering how I can be more in the Advent spirit – to live in the sense of anticipation, enjoy the deliciousness of feeling hope, enjoy the ‘now’ intrinsically.

Sometimes I’m in a rush to get the next thing, and I wonder if I miss what is in the now. Like children who just can’t wait to be grown-up, single people who just can’t wait to be married, pregnant people who just can’t wait to give birth, students who just can’t wait to graduate…

 …it’s good to move on when the time comes and embrace the new stage of life, age, challenge, but all we actually have is now – yes, a time of waiting, preparation, and also, if we allow it to be, and are able to be truly in it, ‘the time of now’.

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